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Internet Explorer Cache Management: 

This section displays the Internet Explorer cookies. 
click on "View Cookies" to display cookies.
click on "Delete Unselected" to delete the unselected cookies.
Click on "Delete All" to delete all cookies.

If you want to store / keep cookies, select the cookie by checking the box next to it. This way they selected cookies will not get deleted until of course you click "Delete All" 

The different options for cleaning can be selected by ticking the required one:

  • Location Bar History

  • Clean AutoComplete forms data

  • Temporary Internet files

  • Clean AutoComplete Password data

  • Internet History

  • URL Error Logs

  • Clean locked index.dat

  • Clean Outlook Express Temp

  • Clean Unselected Cookies

  • Disable AutoComplete

The "Select All" button selects all available options to be cleaned.
The "Deselect All" option deselects all the available options.

The "Internet Explorer Custom Settings" button allows you to set your IE homepage to a specific page or set it blank. 

It also has the Auto Bookmark feature which prevents unwanted additions to your Bookmarks. This option is enabled it will prevent additions from malicious java script techniques to add bookmarks to your favorites folder. Just Click "Enable" to protect sites from adding bookmarks to your favorites. This feature can be disabled by clicking on "Disable".

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